Ok, I’ve been presented with many situations to talk about this over the past few weeks and at the sacrifice of putting some peoples noses out of joint here it goes… Firstly I have a confession to make…My name is Conrad Francis I’m 38 years of age and I’m a reformed Catholic.

Funny but true.

In all honesty some of my friends used to ask me why I went to church and the truth would have been because “it was expected of me”. You see I was brought up in a loving, supportive and genuinely caring family that largely feared God.

Whilst I did enjoy the hour or so I had to myself whilst sitting there in the pew I had a conscious issue, and those of you who know me would know that I didn’t live the life that the church would expect from its parishioners.

Anytime your conscious mind is being compromised guilt stems and the rest is au fait accompli…I’ve had to deal with that and that will be a story for a blog another day!

But why I go to church now is vastly different, my lifestyle whilst it largely remains unchanged they are aspects of my life that I have accepted, hence why I say I am a “reformed”.

In going to church and having released myself from the handcuffs of guilt, I have open able to open my mind to the Readings and Gospels from the Bible and hear the parables for what they are…one of the best self help stories/books ever written.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you all to go to church or to go out and buy the bible, and for those of you that haven’t yet switched the blog off I’d like to show you an example of what I have taken from this book sometime ago that I have used in conversations recently.

Adam and Eve?

The complete biblical account of Adam and Eve can be found in Genesis 1:26 to Genesis 5:5 .

According to the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian religions, Adam and Eve were the first humans and all humans have descended from them.

Scientifically proven unlikely but read on…

As stated in the Bible, Adam and Eve were created by God to take care of His creation, to populate the earth, and to have a relationship with Him. Their very names are indicative of their roles. Adam comes from the Hebrew adomah, meaning "man." Eve is from the Hebrew for "life".

Adam and Eve were referred to as the first gardeners. They lived in the Garden of Eden, it was a place of perfection with no thorns or weeds, and where plants produced their fruit easily. We find in Genesis 2:15-20 that God told Adam to cultivate the garden, keep the garden, name the animals, and eat of the garden's fruit, except from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

In other words Man was given everything he needed to have in order to live a successful and content life, the tree of knowledge presented just that the opportunity for more knowledge. If Man had everything then why more…

Now if with look at this in more detail, and assume that we are all born into situations that present us with everything we need to survive and be successful then the only thing that causes us pain is the time we spend in our head…or the time we spend in our minds using the knowledge we have accessed over the years.

Lets move on…

So the desire to have “more” caused Adam to be tempted by Eve…or rather “Man” was tempted by the opportunity “Life” presented and eat from the tree of knowledge.

Or even more simply put Man wasn’t satisfied or gracious enough with having his “Needs” met that he allowed himself to be tempted by the opportunity presented by Life to have his “Wants” met.

The act by Adam and Eve had then envoked the wrath of God and God then went on to make the living conditions far from pleasant and removed all ease from the garden. Everything became hard and nothing was pleasant.

Are you ever entitled to your wants before you show gratitude for the needs?

Strange as it sounds doesn’t this dilemma still exist in the world today…are you not tempted to give up your own paradise or true path to it by the opportunities Life presents guised as greener pastures? Remember the saying;

“The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.”

The question I get asked a lot when I talk about this is;

“What is the truth, and how do you know it is the truth.”

And the answer is I don’t know your truth, but what I do know is if you trust yourself enough you know your truth.

However I do know my truth and my truth is presented to me in certain ways, I am reminded about my truth by my conscious, by omens that are presented and by my awareness. And generally the truth or true path is the one that is presented to you and more than likely, if not the first thing that comes to mind, its the easiest and most obvious choice or decision.

It is generally when you are experiencing your truth that has you questioning it because that’s just how we have been conditioned programmed. We have been told to apply logic to the most emotive of decisions. When were you ever told at school to trust, to have faith, to believe….not in others but yourself?

If Adam and Eve applied those emotive feelings…of the heart, opposed to satisfying the desires of their head what do you think the outcome would have been, well we would definitely not had that betrayal being noted as our “Original Sin”

Now think about it, how many times are we tempted by something as soon as we make a decision to do something else?

I have had a number of situations over my years whereby my friends or myself have made a decision to date someone and invariably other opportunities present themselves after a significant time of drought. Or I have heard of many times whereby a friend would commit to a long term trip away…to find themselves (though most won’t admit it) only to be presented with an opportunity to stay or come back early for a love interest or a job of their dreams.

And also in my experiences why do married men get presented with more opportunities to show infidelity than blokes who are available and unattached?

This list goes on and on and on…I am certain you all have experiences similar…I’d love to hear them.

So back to the story…

So then how then do we make our way back to our truth and true path if we’ve been tempted or distracted from it, the answer whilst simple in speak it sometimes can take a lifetime to put into practice.

The first secret is to acknowledge that you aren’t where you need to be and think about the last time things made you feel great about yourself, the last time things felt comfortable and you felt you were at your best. The next is to try and put yourself back into that situation.

Easier said than done and theirs quite some work involved in this that’s why it can take some people longer than others. But some of you may have watched a T V show called My Name Is Earl. It is a comedy created by Greg Garcia that was originally broadcast on the NBC television network in the USA and is now shown on the 7 network in Australia.

The series stars a character by the name of Earl J. Hickey who is a petty criminal whose winning $100,000 lottery ticket is lost when he is hit by a car. Lying in a hospital bed, under the influence of morphine, he develops a belief in the concept of karmic retribution when he hears about karma during an episode of another TV show. To turn his life around, he makes a list of every bad thing he's ever done in an attempt to correct them, as he believes that this is the only way he can gain positive karma. After doing his first good deed, he finds the $100,000 lottery ticket he had previously lost. He sees this as a sign of karma rewarding him and, with his newfound wealth, he begins doing good deeds according to his list of people he has wronged in his past.

As he continues to fulfil good deeds, Earl seems to be only doing so to improve his own life but begins to develop a sincere sense of morals and ethics, refusing to participate in illegal or morally wrong activities - though sometimes finds himself in very awkward situations.

So whilst Earl is a fictional character there is some truth in what he has done and to improve your life so to allow you to create more opportunities to move forward you must fist acknowledge your needs have been satisfied and be truly gracious for these gifts…how many of you have ever said thank you for the beat of your heart or for the gift to take a breath.

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” - Jean Baptiste Massieu

The gift of forgiveness is equally as important, again allowing yourself to forgive yourself for the situation you find yourself in first then pay it forward by truly forgiving others around you for the part they played. Now this maybe and generally is hard but you cannot move forward without forgiveness of oneself and letting go of the stimulus that caused you to give up your truth and path.

Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” - Mark Twain

Once gratitude and forgiveness have been acknowledged and enacted then you need to show trust and faith in you and your surroundings.

Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible. - Cherie-Carter Scotts

What I mean by this is that trust that you know where your truth and path lie. Empower yourself with this belief opposed to the lack thereof. And in doing the same for your surroundings you allow yourself to see the obviousness or validation of any decision or potential decision by the signs you are presented with. Be careful to not confuse validation (to make valid; substantiate) with justification (explanation that justifies or defends).

Once you find where you want to be, what you want to do, who you want to be with etc etc…you then must, as a term it, Run Your Line…what’s the worse that could happen, you may be wrong??? Is that so bad?

Either way there’s a thank you in that, whoops that would mean we are at the start of the cycle again…and so the story goes ; )

Yes all this from the humble parable about Adam & Eve, who would of thought that the bible contained such epic tales as these…not I! Do you have the desire, strength and fortitude to find and follow your Truth…or will you accept the Dare.

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