"In life, a tree is planted in one position, it doesn't move and it doesn't wander. Everything it needs to grow and survive finds it. It's sunlight, it's nutrients and it's food. So if people were the same, should they go out looking for their path in life, or what they need, or does it find them when the time is right?"

Wikipedia defines patience as the state of endurance under difficult circumstances.

This can mean one of two things, persevering in the face of provocation without acting on anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially in light of longer-term difficulties.

When reflecting on my life and specifically at the times in which I have tried to exude patience invariably I get beaten to the prize by my desire to control the outcome. I am sure I'm not the only one that has ever asked themselves or others the questions,

"What if it never happens..?" or "What if I miss the opportunity..?"

In reading the quote above the answer to both questions becomes a little more obvious, ideally if we remain still (steadfast) and true to ourselves and our ultimate purpose (big picture stuff health, family, friends etc) it should then become obvious that all that we need is laid out in front of us, the tweak to this is in acknowledging that we have these things and to not take them for granted.

I can hear you say “I wish it was that simple”. The truth is that it is that simple, we simply just need to make the choice.

Once the choice is made the question that then comes to mind is "How do I get what I want?" and yes there is an obvious answer to this also, it lies in again being true to ourselves and not becoming attached or obsessed with the actual want. Let me give you an example;

I used to work as a Financial Planner with the NAB. Whilst I loved the role I became increasingly distracted by the attraction of owning my own Financial Planning business.

I had a great vision of what I wanted my business to look and feel like and was introduced to 3 accountants that shared the same vision. So after months of planning I left the NAB and stepped into the world of being self employed and running my small business with my new business partners.

As they say, "Timing is everything" and in this instance that was certainly the case. Coupled with a global market downturn (2002 Internet Bubble) and the roll out of the of the Financial Services Reform Act 2001, there were enough reason to put the fear of God within anyone and these became key issues in the lack of growth in year one of WISE Lifestyle Financial Planning.

The lack of growth in year one caused the other 3 partners to question their involvement and obviously their investment and eventually we decided to part ways...as distressing as this was this was when I was presented with my first lesson in partnerships, "If you can't have a beer with your proposed partner on Christmas day then don't go into partnership with them".

From that point I proceeded to run my Practice on very minimal overheads from home and after another 18 months was made an offer to sell my client base which was too good to refuse.

When I reflected upon my first adventure into the world of self employment I was left feeling a little disillusioned particularly when comparing it to what I would have described as being a very successful corporate career. On face value I guess I lost faith in myself a little and along with that definitely my vision.

After a little time off I went back in to the world of being employed and the mundane life of subscribing to the corporate visions and mission statements of others, I was unsettled and that led to me trying my hand at a variety of roles in short space of time and as you could guess this was short lived.

I wasn’t happy with the last role I had and after some discussions with a close friend found the confidence to part ways in December 2005 and see what the universe presented to me.

Devine Timing - Patience

I was officially on holidays for a few months and then eventually in March 2006 I was offered a job to build a mortgage broking business in Melbourne, Victoria.

The role would have seen me relocate and separate myself from my daughter, family and friends. It was a great opportunity because I love Melbourne but those that know me know that leaving Jacqueline behind would have been tough, so I did what most people do with such a confronting decision…procrastinate!

I procrastinated long enough to have another opportunity presented to me, an opportunity to build a financial services business that combined a successful mortgage broking company and a new financial planning company. A job that combined a lot of my skill set and most importantly an opportunity to build something that mirrored my own personal vision.


I accepted the role in April 2006

Yes this was another employed role but in my discussions with the shareholders had me feeling that their vision mirrored my dream completely and whilst I still didn’t quite have the confidence in myself to pursue my dream, I felt that because we shared a vision being employed by them would take the risk out of me really seeing how my dream would play out.

Without taking you on the ups and downs (and there were a few) four years later I am now part owner of the business I helped build and without actually trying to I attained my dream and iwealth Financial Services is growing into an extremely viable business.

In hindsight I can definitely say with confidence that pursuing my vision as aggressively as I did when I first left NAB and set up WISE was based on the wrong reasons and clearly at the wrong time.

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." - Paulo Coelho

The journey I then began became one of soul searching and redefining what I needed and what I wanted.

Then between me leaving my last role in December 2005 and starting at iwealth in April 2006 can be best described as divine timing/patience. The bank balance copped some punishment and I needed a job and viola a choice appeared. One would have been good fun and ultimately a distraction and the other closer to my own vision and truth.

The successes post the decision as fate. Bold statement, yes, and some of you may even suggest that there were elements of luck however if this is the case I challenge you to ask yourself is suggesting that something transpires because of luck are you empowering yourself or are you giving life and power to negativity?

I dared to dream and in being true to me I found an opportunity through patience.

Without taking all the credit, I do have a wonderfully enthusiastic staff and my management of them will hopefully see them achieve their dreams within our business.

I have simplified this story and removed a lot of the distractions and omens that I was being dealt at the time. I also met some very important and influential people in my life that aided me along the way in identifying the omens and staying true to me. They will read this and they will know the parts they played, and I thank them for being them.

So as you can see patience is something that just needs to be accepted and lived not fought against. It cannot be hurried.
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Thank you. I knew you were talented but this has blown me away....


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